I am a visual artist. A maker of unforgettable events. A believer in the beauty of a connected, creative and conscious community and a mother to two wonderful children.

I hold qualifications and have extensive experience that enables me to innovate artistic endeavors, create environments where employees can think big and have fun while doing good work, implement strategies that equip teams with skills to be efficient, effective and excellent, both in administrative tasks and customer service.

I can carry out managerial roles over the sectors of Hospitality, Tourism, Arts/Culture and Retail.

On a personal level, I relish time spent with my family over long, delicious and rowdy dinners, summer swimming in the waters of Jervis Bay the place I am blessed to call home. I love yoga, baking cakes (and eating them), Instagram and Pinterest because I'm a visual hoarder, soul-elevating architecture and art experiences that crack open the heart. I love a good laugh, but not at someone else's expense, and robust conversations full of ideas and dreams and personal story.